Whenever the legislative authority of any city, by ordinance, declares it essential to the best interests of such city, the duties relating to the management and operation of municipally owned public utilities . . . shall be vested in a board composed of three members (ORC 735.03).

Phone: 330-337-8723

Utilities Supt.: Donald R. Weingart, Ext. 235

Assistant Superintendent: Matt Hoopes

Wastewater Treatment Plant Manager: Jeff Zimmerman

Wastewater Treatment Plant Chief Operator: Tim Rininger

Water Plant Manager: Larry Sebrell

Water Treatment Plant Chief Operator:  Rob Hasson

Water Distribution General Foreman: Terry Endsley

Water Distribution Assistant Foreman:  Brian Hall 

Senior Clerk: Samantha Loper  Ext. 236

Junior Clerks: Ext. 237 & 238

The Utilities Commission oversees the Utilities Superintendent. Commission members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by Council. Don Weingart has served as the Utilities Superintendent since 1985; he started his career with the Salem Utilities Department in 1952.

Report Street Lights

Through this service provided by First Energy, Salem residents can report a street light that is out. Follow the link below.

FirstEnergy Street Light Report (updated 9/2014)