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Current Year Tax Forms

2017 Employers Municipal Withholding Forms
2016 Annual Income Tax Return Form
2017 Estimated Tax Payment Form
2016 Income Tax Instructions

Previous Year’s Tax Forms

2015 and previous year Employers Municipal Withholding Form
2016 Employers Municipal Withholding Form
2015 Annual Income Tax Return Form
2015 Income Tax Instructions
2014 Annual Income Tax Return Form
2014 Income Tax Instructions

Registration Forms

PLEASE NOTE: Registration forms CANNOT be submitted electronically.

If you choose to fill out the forms online:

  • Print the forms upon completion.
  • Sign the forms.
  • Attach all Required Information.
  • Forward completed forms by mail, fax or send as an attachment to our email.

ALSO NOTE: Some web browsers attempt to open PDF forms with their own reader. This may not work as expected with fill-able forms. It is recommended that you download the fill-able forms by right-clicking on the forms and opening them with Adobe Reader. They should then open and function correctly. If you have any problems, please contact us.


Income Tax Information for Registration Forms






Miscellaneous Tax Related Documents

Frequently Asked Questions (updated -1-25-2017)
Salem Address Number Range
Filing Extension Form
Individual Refund Form